Informații pentru cei care s-au săturat de ... RO !!!

joi, 3 decembrie 2009


luni, 30 noiembrie 2009

In proces cu...Institutiile Statului

Funny story...

Dupa niste informatii si oleaca de umblatura, a urmat asta...

Nu dupa mult timp, a sosit si asta...

pe verso...

acum, astept sa vad ce a decis JUSTITIA ca sa`mi planuiesc "my next move"!
miercuri, 14 octombrie 2009

Continentul ma cheama...

The Others ma asteapta :))

ala din Bacau sunt eu :)
vineri, 9 octombrie 2009

Paula Cartooned...

O idee pentru invitatiile de nunta :)

joi, 17 septembrie 2009

My kind of woman

Uşor uşor se dă pe brazdă ;))
luni, 14 septembrie 2009

Ready...SET...GO !!!

18 SEPTEMBRIE 2010 !!!

Ready...SET...GO !!!

Asteptati si noi va vom astepta ( nunta, of course) :p

P.S: Evenimentul va avea loc la Restaurant "Casa Grande"
PEȚÍ, pețesc, vb. IV. Tranz. A cere o fată în căsătorie în numele altcuiva sau pentru sine, de obicei prin intermediul părinților sau al rudelor fetei.

marți, 1 septembrie 2009

She said YES !!! to the dress

luni, 10 august 2009

Reuniune 2009 REMAKE

Part 2 apare Miercuri (FREE Account has limitations) :p

duminică, 9 august 2009

A piece of HISTORY

miercuri, 5 august 2009

3 letters to SAVE YOUR LIFE

marți, 28 iulie 2009

Revedere 2009

Cu toate ca ne intalnim mai des, asta nu ne impiedica sa organizam o intalnire la 5 ani dupa ce am terminat liceul ...

IMG_8644 IMG_8648
IMG_8694 IMG_8697
IMG_8761 IMG_8796
IMG_8893 IMG_8907
IMG_8912 IMG_8913

Mai multe POZEEEE ....
joi, 9 iulie 2009

Back to the roots

În Bacău...
vineri, 26 iunie 2009

Ieri in Bacau...

IMG_8462 IMG_8466
IMG_8467 IMG_8468
IMG_8337 IMG_8345
IMG_8358 IMG_8363
joi, 25 iunie 2009

Discovery Channel Ad

vineri, 19 iunie 2009

Old memories ... made NEW

Poze mai vechi ... noi pe Flickr

Revelion 2005

2148 2251
More ...

Revelion 2006

2387 2309
More ...

Germania 2006

HPIM1706 HPIM1689
More ...
miercuri, 17 iunie 2009


Pentru cei care "uitati" sa va puneti centura !!!

The seatbelt remains the single-most effective item of safety equipment in any car. It is the most fundamental part of any restraint system and manufacturers are continuing to develop new and better seatbelt systems to provide ever greater protection. However, many people continue to drive without wearing their seatbelts, and such people are vastly over-represented in statistics of severe and fatal injuries.

Many of those who do not routinely wear their seatbelts would do so if prompted by a signal. Research shows that occupants are much more likely to wear their belts in cars equipped with a seatbelt reminder (SBR) than in those without. Euro NCAP rewards any effort made to ensure that seatbelts are worn.

Euro NCAP assesses manufacturers’ SBR systems to ensure that they are robust and that they provide clear, unambiguous information to the occupants about the status of their seatbelts. Trained inspectors perform a multitude of tests on each system: the car is driven on a test track and the belts are buckled and unbuckled; the loudness, and duration of the audible signal is assessed; the position and clarity of any visual warning is checked to ensure that it is visible to occupants of different sizes. The assessment tries to recreate every possible scenario where an occupant might be vulnerable by being unbelted, and checks to see if the system responds appropriately. One point is available for each of the driver, passenger and rear seats for those systems that pass the assessment.


luni, 15 iunie 2009

This Weekend...

IMG_8142 IMG_8141
IMG_8163 IMG_8183
IMG_8184 IMG_8244

More ...
marți, 9 iunie 2009

Events ...

Ce s`a mai intamplat in ultima saptamana cu mine...

LUNI - Interviu SIXT Rent a Car

MARTI - Botez (Alin Constantin)

VINERI - Banchet

SAMBATA - Trip to Slanic Moldova

vineri, 29 mai 2009

One day ...

1 zi = 24h = 1.440 min = 86.400 sec

A inceput numaratoarea inversa ...

joi, 28 mai 2009

Licenta ... GATA !!!

Dupa cum spune si titlul...gata cu licenta (aici cel putin)!

11 12

13 14

15 16

17 18